Thursday, June 24, 2010

some recent cuteness

Lately, more and more silly things are happening round these parts...  I couldn't make this stuff up even if I tried.

* I opened a package from your Aunt Kelly recently, which was 2 new summer outfits, and before I could even say a word about them, I pulled one out and you went 'oooh, that's cute!' - no my love, that is cute. :)

* When we're in the backyard, the first thing you want to do is use the watering can. But you are very much an equal opportunity waterer. You water the potted plants, of course, but then you proceed to water all your large rocks you've collected and keep on the porch. And then you water the activity table and your slide.

* You finish my thoughts/sentences more and more. I suppose, given the fact that our routine is somewhat solid day in and out, I say some of the same 'scripted lines' about certain things. For example: I'll sprinkle some parmesan cheese on your food and you'll say 'that's all ya need!'... or, you'll want to get up on the computer to do some preschool-type games or watch some videos of yourself... and when you ask and I pause because you ask SO sweetly but there are other things to do, you'll say 'juuust for a minute!'

* Lately I have been letting you play alone in the backyard, if I need to do things in the kitchen where I can clearly see you  - I leave the screen door open so I can hear you, too. You would prefer to play in the front (where the action is), but I simply tell you that I have chores to do and I can't see you in the front. The other day you were playing in the back, and all of a sudden you stop and yell in to me, 'I can't see you from the front!'... :) 

* The little add-ons you have started saying..  you'll randomly add on 'or something' to something you've just said. Or you'll add on 'and stuff'. But the real kicker proves how you are definitely a southern woman's child by adding on 'right quick'.

* You made the insanely smart connection the other day that your grandpa was my dad. I've never spent any time saying 'now, grandpa is my father and uncle don is your dad's brother...' because come on!! You're two! But the other day, I picked up the phone and called my dad, and said 'hey dad!' and you piped in with 'that's grandpa!!'...  smarty britches!!!

* Sometimes when I need to get you out the door STAT and you're being a tad slow, I'll say something to the effect of 'if you don't go to the little gym today, you'll make Rachel and Daisy very sad....' (people we see there) or something like that. And you'll hop to and get ready because you don't want to make anyone sad! Well, headed to Sprouts today, you were being a little slow (and we were meeting people, so we had to hustle!) so you completely anticipated my 'method' and went 'gonna make the eggs and bananas veeery sad!' - which is something I have NEVER said before.. but child, you went and gave inanimate objects feelings. I love it.

* Your vision is absolutely amazing. You can spot a FedEx or UPS truck from 5 miles off, it seems. I know this for a fact because you squeal 'It's a FedEx truck!!!' and I scan the horizon and lo and behold there is one, but just BARELY within spotting distance. And just the other day, a huge 18-wheeler Kroger truck went by, and without me saying anything you said 'A Kroger truck!'... and I sort of stared at you like how in the heeell did you know that???! Then I realized you see a Kroger sign almost daily about a mile from our house (where they are building one) - so you obviously made that connection.

* And lastly, you are just SUCH a boy!!! For mealtimes, you'll randomly take some food that shouldn't be dipped in ketchup (or bbq sauce) and you'll say something like, 'don't dip your strawberry in ketchup... ewwww!!!' It just slays you everytime. Naturally, I mirror your disgust with this prospect, which totally encourages it.

You're sweet and I lova ya!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Almost 27 months

I can now totally nod my head to Bill Cosby's tv show, Kids Say the Darndest Things.. or something like that.. because it is TRUE.
Here are a few recent ones:

* In the car, I told him we were headed to Walmart.. but upon seeing the packed parking lot, I went the other way instead and told him 'we're going to go to Target instead'.. and I hear "Walmart is bwoken"...  HA!

* We have THIS clock in his room, to help him know when it's ok to get up and when he should stay in bed. It's worked pretty well, but lately he has gotten up before the monkey is set to open his eyes. So, when he gets up and I turn the lights on, he immediately goes to the monkey and shakes it a bit and says 'WAKE UP MONKEY!'.

* When we're just horsing around, and I say 'I'm going to tickle your back!' - which is super duper sensitive (always has been), he giggles all high pitched out of suspense and then gets really serious and says 'need some love instead'...  Distraction!

* He tries to Jedi-Mind-Trick me sometimes. When he asks for something in an impatient or not-nice way, I prompt him to ask the correct way, so he'll sweetly go "please Mommy... ok!".. the last "ok" is the kicker part, because he literally tells himself OK to whatever he just asked for! I can just picture his intentions in his little toddler brain.. you will say ok! you will say ok!

* Last night, when he climbed into the bathtub, he very comfortably sat down and went, 'mmm.. nice and warm!'

* At the pool, on the sides there are the depths marked. He is standing by one, and spells it out-loud "2-F-T-0-I-N spells POOL!"  How could I correct that???! Yes, that spells pool, my smart little man!

* The word 'difficult' is used sometimes in place of the word 'hard'. I guess I say it instead of 'hard', so it's been picked up on. It's very cute to hear "it's too difficult" coming out of a 2 yr old's mouth.

* When Gizmo is running around crazy, playing with a toy ball or something, he'll pick up on that emotion and very loudly tell me "Gizmo is HAPPY!!!"

....more to come later...