Monday, April 19, 2010

sweet things

Just wanted to post about all the sweet things that you do and say these days.. for there are many! Yes, you are in the deep thick of the Terrible Twos, and yes, you throw a tantrum over something very miniscule with a frightful passion, but most days really do define the Terrific Twos, and I wanted to document them....

* I suppose you've only heard me use the term a billion time throughout your life, so it's no surprise that you now use it whenever you can.. when I see you, I usually say 'hi my love!', so when I enter a room, it's really really REALLY sweet to hear you say 'hi my love' back to me. Sometimes you also say 'hi my sweets!', another phrase I use daily.

* When you're hurt, or when we're talking about being sad (sometimes you like to reminisce on a scraped knee the day before), you make a sad face and hold your arms out to me and say 'need sweet love'... HAHA!

* When you kiss me, if it's a pretty lazy kiss, as in no kiss-sound and barely a graze of the lips, I act all put-out and exasperated that you flaked out on the kiss, so you then grab my cheeks with both hands and make up for it with the biggest sweetest kiss you can handle. Let's just say that I've set a high bar now, and I act exasperated A LOT.

* Your shyness is really endearing. You're such a total ham at home, doing silly songs and dances and everything.. but when I ask you to do it for anyone else, even family sometimes, you put on a shy face. Sort of a cheeky sideways grin.. then when you finally do what I asked, it's a halfway version and really quick so they probably don't even catch it, then you smile all big and proud. It makes me think of how I was as a child, very shy sometimes and particular with who I'd really let loose with.

* Your sense of self-regulation is amazing. When you are building a really high tower of legos, you sometimes whisper to yourself 'careful... careful' when you get it really high. Or when you are eating, you sometimes fork a big bite of whatever, and you say 'BIG piece.. take a small bite...'

* Manners are still being used, praise the LORD! You say excuse me to inanimate objects.. if you need to get by. Yesterday you had to get through an area that was littered with toys (never the state of our home, right? right???!) and you said 'excuse me blocks and books'... You even say it when I am driving. If I am doing a two-point turn, and it appears that I am about to hit another car, you will say 'excuuuuse me car!' And you even say THANK YOU without being prompted (sometimes). Amazing.

* You really have started to like to sing along with people/me. Up til now, you would be quite content to just listen and be sung to. Now, if you somewhat know the song, you'll attempt to join in... you still get pretty distracted with someone/other people singing at the same time, so just the fact that you're attempting to sing anything at all is a great acheivement. You hold your own pretty well though with Twinkle Twinkle. :)

* And you love love LOVE Do-Re-Mi. from The Sound of Music (no, you have never seen it, but you will someday, and I will sing along to every song, you've been warned). I started singing this to you when you were very little, and now I know you could totally sing the whole song..  You sing the 'Ti' note very high, too, as it's meant to by sung. Aaaah, I love it.

* You get in my lap to read a book, on the couch, and you nestle in all comfortable... and you go 'mmmm.. cozy!'..  So cute..