Monday, January 3, 2011

Andrew, almost 34 months

Oh my sweet little man! So many cute things, as always, that I have to get documented to remember them forever.
* You are so conversational! You aren't even a toddler anymore - you're a little kid. And it blows my mind constantly. You will come up to me and say 'hey, I got a good idea, wanna hear what it is?' - and it's usually something like 'let's watch some Polar Express' (your fave movie du jour) or something else that is typically given out in limited doses. Sometimes it's quite outlandish - 'let's go to New York. Right now!' - or 'let's go to a hotel room' - you just love it when we check into hotel rooms!
You'll gaze out the back-door windows as you eat your dinner and proclaim that 'it's getting dark.. just not dark yet!'.. sort of your way of saying that it's not quite night-time yet.
Your story-telling to us continues, but now you add in genius little segueways like '...and all of a sudden...!' Or 'suddenly!' Such intrigue for a two year old!
You still add on the phrase 'or something' - to a lot of phrases.. though it comes out 'or somefin'.. once or twice you've said 'wanna go play somefin or somefin?'... Your father and I say this between the two of us for a laugh, just because it's so cute.
* When we clean you up after meals, you take notice of how clean or dirty you are. You'll look down at your pants or shirt and say 'wow, hey! I'm pretty clean!' or your tone will lower, and you'll say 'ohhh no, we're dirty, we gotta change!' As if you were ever reprimanded for being dirty - I guess you just equate it with a sad tone. And sometimes, when immediate stripping is necessary (that dirty), you'll run in your underwear as fast as lightning, screaming 'naked toddler on the loose!!!'
* Speaking of naked-ness, when you're getting dressed/undressed, I'll sometimes ask if I can give you some back kisses.. which I LOVE to do because 1. your back is just so so so soft and I could smother it with kisses all day long and 2. your back has always been the most sensitive-to-touch part of you, so I loved seeing you squirm and squeal with laughter. When I ask if I can, you'll always oblige, turning around and back up into me, like a sweet boy. Though, now that I do it all the time, you've been successfully de-sensitized and you no longer squirm.. you just humor me til I'm done.
* This morning, after you woke up, you went to go potty, and as always I am sitting on your bed, where I can see you but you can't see me too well (to give you privacy/keep an eye on you at the same time)... well, this morning during your epic-long 30 second pee, you start to pick your nose. You bring a prize-winning-booger out of your nose, on your finger, and say 'wow, that's a big one...' Talking to yourself while peeing while picking your nose just adds up to some major cuteness in my book.
* You recently took to bouncehouses. Before, they were mostly something to be walked around, eyed with caution and suspicion. You eventually worked your way up to actually going ON one, but you'd only hold hands with your friend if you were to slide down on one. Just a few days ago, you went with your father (I dropped you two off to shop for a little bit) and when I returned, you were whizzing down these 20 foot tall slides like it was nobody's business. Of course, your father had quite the smug smirk of parental pride, but he admitted he bribed you (to play an iphone game you quickly forgot about, because you were having so much fun). I must say, it brought me much happiness to see you being all .. kid-like.. but also some sadness because of just how fast you're growing up/away.
* The other day, all 3 of us were out running errands, and due to some miscommunications between your father & I, you got jipped out of a visit to the park. You would have been 100% a-ok with this, easily distracted, not the type to hold grudges or throw ridiculous tantrums. But, just because I KNOW THIS and how damn lucky I am, I went in to the store really quick and brought you out a big orange lollipop (you go ape). You had the biggest sweetest smile when I gave you that lollipop. The little lollipop was 29 cents, but my God, that joy was just immeasurable.
* Today, we were sitting on the couch, and when you got up, you leaned on me and elbowed me really hard in my growing abdomen full of baby. It surprised me more than hurt me, and I sort of snapped at you. I didn't yell, I just said 'Andrew, be careful!' or something like that, very sharply. You walked away, and maybe 3 steps away you turned to me and tears welled up and just started flowing. It was the type of cry I remembered as a kid, not ones of being scared, but 'I'm sorry are you ok?' tears. You really had thought you hurt me, and I think my sharp tone didn't help the situation. I held you and you cried for maybe 15 or so seconds (an eternity to a mother!). It wasn't at all how you gouged me in the stomach that made my heart ache after all this, it was seeing what a sensitive little soul you are. How so so so much more in your years ahead will bring on tears like that. Little boys will hurt your feelings on the playground, and big girls will hurt your feelings on the dance-floor. And I won't be there to scoop you up and let you blow your snot in my shirt. I am afraid that I grow more understanding of your grandmother all the time, who wants to physcially coddle your almost-30 year old father. It's quite inappropriate, but I am getting it more and more.
* You adore picking out girl clothes. You find something that's pink and yell it out 'here's some girl clothes!!!'. You get a lot of practice at this, too. :) You talk about how you'll play hide and seek with your sister and play-doh, and how you'll show her your train. And you very much know that something babies do a lot of is CRY. I am so so excited for you to meet her. I am so excited to dedicate these posts to how amazing of a brother you are. You are already one amazing little son.