Tuesday, August 17, 2010

29 month update

You are a few days past 29 months, but I haven't updated in a while. Or, rather, it feels that I haven't because life gets more funny and interesting every day with you - it's so hard to keep up! If I did like I used to, in the early days, and jotted down notables on a post-it note, I'd need an entire stack of them for one day's worth of funnies. There is no time!
So I will just wing it as I go.....

* I think you once heard us marveling over you out loud, saying how time flies and how you're growing so fast, and all that...  now, at random times (maybe when we have that emotional glassy-eyed expression?) you'll stop and stand up and say 'I'm growing up!!' OY! It makes me want to cry just thinking about it!

* You absolutely LOVE to be chased around the house. And more than that, you go ape over us making various animal noises while we chase you. You call out what you'd like to be chased with - "be a chicken!... be a gorilla!"..  I can say that my monkey (not a gorilla, there is a distinct difference!) is pretty good - but nothing beats Daddy's chicken - and you know this!

* Related to being chased - you will prompt me to do so in the cutest way imaginable. Sometimes (to get things going) I'll sniff at the air and say 'mmm... I smell delicious toddler belly (or other body part)!!..right before I tear after you...  so now, if I am not doing something (a rare pleasant time of any day), you'll give me a cheeky smile and say 'I smell DELIIIICIOUS toddler booty!' and then run off shrieking. And then how can I not just drop everything? You completely know your cuteness is the most effective tool of manipulation.

* You love to show your numbers using your fingers now. I think you might have been on the later end of mastering this, but it isn't for lack of effort on our behalf! You simply had no desire to manipulate those little fingers into number representation! But, now that you are officially obsessed with all numbers, you came to realize that showing numbers w/fingers is just about as amazing as it gets. I remember the first time you did it - at the dinner table - totally random - you pried your two fingers out of your clenched fist to make a number 2, and your eyes almost popped out of your head. I truly don't think I've ever heard your father laugh so hard. It was like we witnessed a miracle, through your eyes!!! Now, you LOVE to show us different numbers w/your hands. You especially love FOUR. I think (aside from 1) it requires the least effort, so this is why you do it most often. ;)

* You are SO VERY vocal with your little toddler impatience. When we are about to leave the house, and like usual, I have to run back to the kitchen/wherever to retrieve 'one last thing' - you impatiently stand by the door with your hand on the doorknob, saying 'cooome on Mommy....let's gooooo!' The annoyance in your voice is not subtle at all. 

* As of last night after dinner, you now ride a tricycle! It took a good while to get you to actually put forth some leg muscles to propel yourself - but you finally caught on, and now you loooove to go as fast as you can. Now we just need to get you a helmet, because if there's one thing your father can't stand it kids/adults not wearing proper safety gear!

* And as we near the start of preschool in 3 weeks (hold me!), you are sort of mentally preparing yourself by constantly (usually during mealtimes) requesting me to talk about preschool. So I do. I go through it step by step, from start to finish - what to expect. I think you are getting pretty excited, but I know you will probably be timid about it. This is just your way though, you approach things with an air of caution. You acclimate slowly, and when you finally get comfortable, watch out! Your confidence is impressive, but it does take you more time to get to that point. But, of course, I wouldn't have you ANY other way!