Monday, March 29, 2010


I thought to myself the other day just how often your words/pronunciation changes on a daily and weekly basis, and some of your words are just so dang cute, I had better document them! So here goes..

dunda ~ which means thunder. It has rained a few times in the past few weeks, and there's been some big thunder, which doesn't really scare you.. moreso intrigues you, and your eyes get huge and you go DUNDA!

dia twaits ~ which means Dire Straits. Yes, the 80s band. Your Aunt Kelly burned us a new cd a few weeks ago, and a Dire Straits song was on it that you LOVED. So, at first you said 'like that song!'.. and you called it that, for about a week.. 'play like that song!'.. til I wised up and labeled it, not knowing the name (just the band), you now ask for DIA TWAITS every. single. time. we get in the car.

bwoken ~ broken. Our dvd player is on it's last limb, and lately a lot of the dvds we use for your naptime routine have been pooping out. So I'll say 'it's broken'.. and you go 'oh no! it's bwoken! watch elmo 'stead?'... which brings me to.....

sted ~ instead. If we can't do something (and you happen to react normally to whatever it is we can't do rather than turn red and throw a fit), or you'd rather not do something, you'll offer up something instead.. EXAMPLE: I ask you if you want to go to church, you say 'no no, go to Cabelas sted?' (*we did not go to Cabelas, we went to church.)

A-bu-suns ~ Albertsons. It's amazing how you recognize places we go, you recognize Albertsons, Kohls, Lowes, Target, Chik Fil A, Petsmart, church, Hobby Lobby, Ulta.. and more I can't recall

blue doors ~ means Target. See, they have blue doors, and you LOVE them.. you also love the green doors on the other side, but not near as much as the BLUE doors. So, Target isn't just 'Target'.. it's Target BLUE DOORS!

turna up ~ means Turn It Up! When a song comes on with a good beat, you immediately say TURNA UP!

lose-it ~ when you can't find something, you will name the lost objet and add 'lose-it'. Say you lost your block.. you'd go 'block lose-it!'.. I have tried MANY times to get you to switch out the phrasing, but I think saying the noun/object first keeps you focused somehow!

eat-em ~ Which is the same concept as the 'lose-it' thing, but for eating.. when you see birds eating something outside, you'll say 'birds eat-em food!'.. or 'cat eat-em snacks!'

What was dat? ~ what was that?? For every unfamiliar sound you hear (and for a two year old, there are still plenty of unfamiliar sounds in the world), you always say WHAT WAS DAT? If it's something even I don't know (if I can't pinpoint where it was coming from), and I don't respond quick enough, you just repeat What Was Dat over and over and over... til I just say something, anything, to offer an explanation. Sometimes I find myself being a real smart-ass, on long trying days with you, and there's a noise I am not sure of, and you're repeating WHAT WAS DAT?? and I'll find myself saying 'that was the last shred of mommy's sanity being slowly destroyed by your will to break me down'.. and you'll pleasantly go 'oh ok'!! 

dis one ~ this one. You like to be very specific with books/toys, handing me something and saying DIS ONE.

wis ~ with. You loooove to play this one game (oh how games are still so simple right now) where we say 'do you want to ride an elevator with peacocks on them???' and we switch out the animal each time we ask you, and you get SO excited. You'll respond with 'Andrew ride elegata (elevator) wis caaats on dem????'

There's a ton more, but this is all that I jotted on my post-it note over the course of two days!

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  1. This post is so cute! I can just imagine a little boy saying these things, and I now have a mental note to record my son's pronunciations of things when the time comes.