Friday, May 14, 2010

26 months

I really thought my monthly updates to you were finished, and a post about our very recent trip to NYC would be more practical while it's fresh on my mind, I think, but I just have to post about this month. It's been a good good month.

There's been kite flying and singing and lazy book reading and popsicle eating and hysterical laughing and Curious George watching. There's also of course been meltdowns and dramatic heaps of toddler rage, but not as bad as previous months. Trust me, not even half as bad.

I don't have a post-it note with little references of cuteness to talk about, like I usually do, this is entirely winging it.. bear with me if it's unroganized (it's always unorganized).

Your commentary is endless. You are our very own Howard Cosell. You provide a running dialogue for whatever we're doing, in your own way. We've gotten in a recent habit of going straight outside and eating a popsicle right after you wake up from your nap - if we have nowhere else to go. Life is rough, ain't it? So, when you wake up.. it's always a vairation of : 'ready to play! Oh! monkey's eyes open!' (we have a monkey clock in your room that we set to have open/closed eyes.. it's brilliant) ..  'go get mail now... maybe have a package or box...  change diaper.. go get popsicle? yellow popsicle!! eat yellow popsicle outside' And believe me when I say that there's nothing more exciting than when UPS or FedEx stops in front of our house while we're outside eating said popsicle. OMG. I always talk it up and say they're here JUST to see you.. and you practically shake with excitement. And you always say BYE! as loud as possible when they leave, but those trendy people always have earbuds on, so they never seem to turn around to hear you.

The dialogue continues during every mealtime.. I can always tell how truly hungry you are by how long it takes you to start a conversation. If you're hungry, we eat together in (rare) silence til you're full enough to talk. If you're not that hungry, you typically start talking right away, playing with your food sometimes as if they're all cars to be zoomed or planes to be flown. Or you'll take bites til it somewhat resembles a letter of the alphabet and hold it up and tell me the letter. You always ALWAYS want to drink together. I found this really odd at first, but I kind of get it now.. people generally go to drink if they see another person drink, instinctively, and I suppose you think this is how it's done all the time. So, when you want to drink, you politely wait til I'm done chewing and say 'mommy drink water too?' Or, if Daddy is home. you'll say 'all drink together!'.. If I'm chewing, or let's be honest, if I'm tired of being dictated to by a toddler, I'll say 'You go ahead'.. and you'll always wait a beat and go 'Now mommy drink too'... 

And the whole 'here comes the train' thing to get babies to eat? Well, we made up a revamped toddler version, if you're just too distracted/ornery to eat. We'll look around as if we heard something and go 'What was that??! I think it was an ambulance with a strawberry on it!!!' And you'll gasp and fork your strawberry and wooosh it in your mouth. We'll replace the vehicle with something progressively cooler each time, a fire-truck, a police-car, a blimp, a helicopter...  works almost every time. And we don't have to lift a finger.. life is pretty sweet right now.

Sleep is good right now, but as I am a firm believer in The Jinx, I won't say how good... and that is all. Me even saying that it's good is probably enough to have the Universe flip me the bird and ruin all that is currently good.. so we'll just stop talking about such a sacred topic altogether............

You might be the one person in the universe who likes my singing voice. You ask for me to sing certain songs, and lately it's been one of two: Oh My Darling (and yes, I replace Clementine with Andrew Clark) or the Jesus Song.. which is Jesus loves the little children, but you efficiently refer to as the Jesus Song. And at nighttime, you always ask for the Sleep Song. Which is the old classic 'go to sleeeep.. go to sleeeeep.. go to sleep my sweet (Andrew)'.. You yawn as if on cue every time when I start the Sleep Song.

You actually try to bargain with me. Sometimes, during meals, if I put something on your plate that I am confident you won't eat, I'll say 'hey, if you try your broccoli, I'll make a funny face...' And you'll take a bite of something else, say, chicken, and go 'make funny face for chicken instead?'.. HA! How can you tell a toddler that you'll only make funny faces for the less desirable food items?? And every time you see one of those  less-desirable food items on your plate, you immediately point to it and go 'just try it!' BUT YOU NEVER DO. It's ok. You eat enough fruit for all of us, and so I'll be grateful for that.

Potty training. So, recently, and completely out of the blue, you have started going #2 and saying to me 'I smell something.. It's a stinky poop!' Dude, if you can say that, you're ready to put that stinky poop in the toilet. It's on the near horizon. 'Near horizon' being a very broad term, as are all expectations in our little toddler word. Nonetheless, we'll give it a go sometime soon. I'm already clearing my schedule.

I just gotta say, I adore this age. You're becoming so much more independent.. so much more AWARE of just everything. But when you take a tumble, you still come to me wanting me to carry you while you cry it off. You still blow little sweet kisses from the dark when I put you in bed for naps. You wave goodbye to me at the Y's childcare, and you sometimes yell 'Bye MY LOVE!'. And you still want me to chase you around the front yard, making gorilla noises. It can't possibly get better.. but I absolutely know it will.


  1. Oh, he's a cutie!

    And yes, I believe in the jinx, too!

  2. Oh this is so cute! (and so much better then a baby book :) )