Friday, June 4, 2010

Almost 27 months

I can now totally nod my head to Bill Cosby's tv show, Kids Say the Darndest Things.. or something like that.. because it is TRUE.
Here are a few recent ones:

* In the car, I told him we were headed to Walmart.. but upon seeing the packed parking lot, I went the other way instead and told him 'we're going to go to Target instead'.. and I hear "Walmart is bwoken"...  HA!

* We have THIS clock in his room, to help him know when it's ok to get up and when he should stay in bed. It's worked pretty well, but lately he has gotten up before the monkey is set to open his eyes. So, when he gets up and I turn the lights on, he immediately goes to the monkey and shakes it a bit and says 'WAKE UP MONKEY!'.

* When we're just horsing around, and I say 'I'm going to tickle your back!' - which is super duper sensitive (always has been), he giggles all high pitched out of suspense and then gets really serious and says 'need some love instead'...  Distraction!

* He tries to Jedi-Mind-Trick me sometimes. When he asks for something in an impatient or not-nice way, I prompt him to ask the correct way, so he'll sweetly go "please Mommy... ok!".. the last "ok" is the kicker part, because he literally tells himself OK to whatever he just asked for! I can just picture his intentions in his little toddler brain.. you will say ok! you will say ok!

* Last night, when he climbed into the bathtub, he very comfortably sat down and went, 'mmm.. nice and warm!'

* At the pool, on the sides there are the depths marked. He is standing by one, and spells it out-loud "2-F-T-0-I-N spells POOL!"  How could I correct that???! Yes, that spells pool, my smart little man!

* The word 'difficult' is used sometimes in place of the word 'hard'. I guess I say it instead of 'hard', so it's been picked up on. It's very cute to hear "it's too difficult" coming out of a 2 yr old's mouth.

* When Gizmo is running around crazy, playing with a toy ball or something, he'll pick up on that emotion and very loudly tell me "Gizmo is HAPPY!!!"

....more to come later...

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