Tuesday, July 27, 2010

28.5 months old

A few things you are saying and doing that I just have to record for memory's sake - they are precious and I want to remember them forever.

* You take a handful of items, say, some blocks, and you come up to me (or your father) and say 'what mommy like? a blue one or a black one?' and then I respond, and you very cheekily hand over the one I said I liked best. Or, in the same fashion, you recite letters or numbers, going 'what mommy like? 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or 8 or 9 or 10?' (YES CHILD, you breathlessly say all the numbers through 10! And knowing how high you can count, I am grateful you haven't thought to do this to a higher number yet!) And I'll say what number I like.. and then you'll say 'hmm.. I like 10!' (or whatever number or letter you happen to like most in that moment!)

* You picked up the use of the word 'nevermind'. I am not sure how, because I never prompted you to say it in any appropriate situation.. you just say it yourself now! I remember the first time I heard you say it - we were in the car driving, and we were going down this one road that we sometimes take to go to a park we call Johnson Road Park. All of a sudden you poke your index fingers up and say 'Nevermind! I thought I saw Johnson Road Park!'... I laughed so hard! Now you say it for random things at least a few times a day.

* Yesterday, you saw your breakfast sausage (which is the same veggie sausage you get almost every morning) and it was cut in half instead of cut into large pieces. You gasped and said 'that's the biggest sausage in the whoooooole world!' HA!

* When we take walks outside or go on your tricycle (which you are veeery slowly mastering), and we turn the corner and lose sight of our house, you stop & turn to our house and wave and say 'goodbye home! goodbye grass! goodbye (random thing in our yard)! See ya lata alligator! See ya lata crocodile!' It is quite cute.

* You sing Take Me Out to the Ballgame from start to finish all by yourself, which is as indescribably cute as it sounds. And for someone who truly loathes baseball as much as I do, this is saying a lot. We sing it as a family almost every night before bedtime, either that or your ABCs - you always pick one or the other.

* You love to use the phrase 'in just a minute' - some mornings you wake up before your monkey alarm clock does (HA! ok, most mornings..) and you usually go over to him and say 'he's still asleep... but he be awake in just a minute!'...  or when Daddy goes off to work, you say 'he be home in just a minute!'

* Lately, you have LOVED to run circles around the coffee-table at warp speed. But more than that, you go nuts over either me or both me AND daddy running circles with you. You'll say 'mommy run too??' and as we're running you spout off orders of exactly how to run: 'run faster ALL the way around (as if there's any other way!)' or 'walk slow... now run!' or 'be a gorilla!!!' Who needs a gym membership anymore, I ask??! And Daddy does this one crazy move around the coffee table that I can only describe as one of those flying-monkey-Wheeler things from Return to Oz. You call it the 'funny crawl'..  There's no way I have the energy for that though!

* You also sometimes say that you're 'impwessed' (impressed). I guess I sometimes say that to you when you do or say something pretty remarkable - so now, when you do or say something funny or smart - you'll beat me to the punch and say 'I'm so impwessed!'  :) 

* And just today as we're pulling up to a stop sign, you go 'is that an octagon???!' And it took me a half second to realize you were referring to the stop sign. Child, you have 1 or 2 books that talk about the octagon shape and now you have it nailed! I am slightly certain it took me til middle school for this concept.

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