Friday, February 18, 2011

Out Back

This video sums up what we hear daily, several thousand times a day, depending upon your sugar intake (of course). You are ALWAYS wanting to 'gooo get you!!!'...  But it has to be said a certain way. It has to start with a cheeky whisper.. 'ya know what I'm gonna do in just a minute...?'.. then you SCREAM 'I'm gonna go GET YOOOU!'...  After hearing this in our sleep practically, we mix things up sometimes by saying the first part ('ya know what I'm gonna do in just a minute?') - and then we'll say 'go do laundry'.. 'go take the trash out'.. or something else equally as mundane. You get a huge kick out of that. And it buys us some lazy time where we don't have to chase you all over the house. ;)

And this one was taken the same afternoon..  it's just you being silly. And counting rocks. You know, someday, probably a LOT sooner than I realize, your requested form of entertainment will go far beyond being outside and counting rocks. We have never been big TV-watchers, and it's something I am proud of as a parent - the fact that you don't know all the normal toddler tv-shows that most kids do. Because I am my own worst critic, there's not a TON I can confidently say I am proud of, but this is something I feel I dun' good on! Sure, you have a few favorite tv characters, but we've always simply left the TV off. It has required muuuuch more patience and focus on our behalf, keeping you entertained otherwise - but I am so thankful that you would rather count inanimate objects outside or read through endless (endless!) books, or paint or color, than sing the latest mind-numbingly annoying TV theme-song. Now, having said that, it's highly likely that your little sister will teach you many many annoying tv theme-songs!!!!! Life as we know it will be adjusted accordingly. ;)
Lately, just to see how you'd like it, I put on a show called Diego. Knowing that most kids your age like the show, I thought you'd love it...  but given the fact that this Diego character does not speak - he SCREAMS and yells - you were sort of taken aback. The show likes to get the kids/audience to interact, asking them questions, and waiting for responses with their big blinking cartoon eyes. And you, you just blink right back at them, probably wondering why the hell they are screaming at you. You do interact with the shows you do watch, Curious George, Word World, SuperWhy, and some others.. but I don't blame you for hating a show that yells at you. 
I don't know how I got on the topic of TV...   but there you go.

This video needs no real description. Just a crazy kid in a tunnel!

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