Wednesday, March 23, 2011

She's a maniac....

This little clip doesn't really do justice to what I have been experiencing lately. There's just a couple rolls and tremors - but really, I've felt some MAJOR EARTHQUAKES lately. It's no longer cute little kicks and jabs and whatnot. It's full-on get OUT THE WAY baby-shaking. There is a large baby in my belly, and I do believe she is quite a bit more active than my other baby ever was, in utero. My memory might be just fuzzy, but I don't remember this much movement with Andrew ever.
Some patterns lately have been not a ton of movement at night (perfect! let's keep that up indefinitely!), not a lot in the morning either, but the show begins around lunch, and is in full-swing through bedtime. Most particularly around 7-8pm, which is when we're in bed watching a movie usually, so Pablo gets a perfect view at the madness within. There's always a look of shock and disbelief at how I can be living this. And while it doesn't phase me much, it always amazes me.
Pregnancy is hard. Physically and emotionally. The endless (endless!) list of ailments and pains and the endless list of worries of what can go can really drive you nuts if you allow it.. but it's a time that I do have a great appreciation for. For any woman who prays and longs to just be pregnant, but for whatever reason, cannot. I know how much it's something to not be taken for granted. I am so grateful that I get to experience the very VERY beginning of my children's lives, with a front row seat.
This is very likely our last child/pregnancy, and while I won't miss the back pain, exhaustion, swelling, weight gain, hormones, headaches, nausea, and other related woes..  I will miss these little dance-shows I get to experience several dozen times a day. And of course the big boobs I know are just around the corner!

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