Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Post

New year, new blog!
I was very limited in the amount of pictures I could post on my previous blog site, so I've moved over to a site that won't limit me (I hope!). Because I can't seem to post much without a zillion pictures to go with it.
I plan to backtrack and do a post devoted to our Caribbean trip this past October (because THAT will have an insane amount of photos), and this past Christmas.
For now, a few things about the current comings and goings of my little man.

*We drink from an open cup now, for all meals. Honestly, we never really pushed this milestone, because come on, an open cup and an unpredictable toddler??! PASS! Not really a milestone I was anxious to achieve. But he wanted to, so we complied. And he did great, he soon understood that the more calm and gentle he is with his cup, the lesser chance of getting soaked! Smart boy.

*There's also the topic of his hair. It is wild and crazy and with a life of it's own. And guess what? I LOVE IT. I love that it bounces when he runs and even when we comb it down when it's wet at night, it still greets us in the morning, straight up and all over the place. Yes, I am well aware of the judgmental looks I get from other mothers, but that rolls right off my back. It's different, and there's nothing bad about that. It's not just hair, it's a conversation piece.

And, towards the end of the day, and depending on the weather and humidity, it does lay flat. But that's not fun, now is it??!

We also had our last class of the semester at The Little Gym. We love going, and he has come a LONG way, let me tell you. From being The Screamer of the class when I started him at 11 or so months, to being SUCH a good listener and semi-adventurous, I am so so proud. And check the cheesy grin, oh yes, we definitely taught him that!

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  1. Yay new blog!!! :)
    He flashed that smile quick in the video! I'm so glad Whitney caught a still picture of it because it was precious!!!
    Such a big boy!