Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Afternoon in the yard

Let's just start with a smile, ok? :)

First order of business: throwing lots of fun balls in the yard. That'll keep ya busy while mommy goes back inside for a nap. KIDDING.

Naturally, we pick the biggest "baaa-loooo" ball to tote around.

                                                And at some point, we must stop to contemplate life. Really appreciate the finer things like... a big sloped yard full of dead grass?

                            Alright! Enough deep thought! Back to tossing balls!

He tires easily. Break-time! So convenient that our yard is sloped for comfy sitting-positions.

Stop to inspect odd substance (aka dirt) on hands.

Stop to inspect it with his tongue...

Guilt and pity for the large hairy prisoner inside. But remembers well that he got ONE chance outside, and chose to eat grass, which resulted in his re-imprisonment. Oh well. It was his decision, ultimately.

Picks the two most awesome balls available, and is determined to carry both at the same time. Makes it Goal of the Day.

Is happy with life.

Spends 15 minutes playing game of swatting balls back & forth under table. Mommy naps.

Busts out the bubbles... has a delightful time.

Drinks milk and wonders when the hell I am to stop taking his picture.
Then makes a displeased face when time to go inside.


  1. He is a cutie! Thanks for visiting my blog & following. I am following you now too. : )

  2. These picures are SO SO cute!!!

  3. LOL Love this type of day! I love the yellow one it's so cool looks like my dryer ball :)

    The last one is too cute!