Thursday, February 25, 2010


I just have a minute to post something, before the guilt I feel over taking ME time totally overcomes me... sigh.
Today, a few REALLY cute things were said. The last week, you have started to want to get in the car seat all by yourself. We finally turned your car seat around facing forward, and you LOVE it. Not that you ever hated the car seat, but now you call it 'new car'.. which I guess it is, new perspective at the very least. Anyway, when you climb up, it's a long climb up that takes time, and the whole trek you quietly repeat to yourself (a mantra perhaps?) 'all by self.. all by self.. all by self' I truly think you would backhand me if I even attempted to help you! And the kicker: when you FINALLY get yourself maneuvered in, facing forward, you said 'suuuch a big boy!'... hahahaha! I suppose enough times of ME saying this finally stuck in your brain somewhere.
You really are putting short sentences together more and more.. you just today said 'two and zero make a twenty!' .. I knew that you knew 'one and zero make a ten'.. but you put the twenty together on your own! Impressed much.
One little thing I say sometimes when you show your belly is: 'belly belly shake it like jelly!!'.. and you really try hard to say it on your own.. it comes out like 'belly belly.. shaka jelly!!!' :) 
And nowadays, instead of a simple 'poop' (to inform me of your dirty diaper) - you upped the ante and say GOT POOP! And every time, I think of the Got Milk campaign.. 


  1. What a sweet post. That is too funny about the Got Poop comment. That would make me smile too. I love how you write things as if they were written directly to you son. SO SWEET! Sounds like he is a really smart little guy too.

  2. Happy Birthday to your little guy. WE too celebrated a 2nd Birthday on Friday the 19th.
    Check your email ;)