Tuesday, February 9, 2010

this & that

I told myself I'd wait til Feb 14th to do a proper 23 month (omg) post, but even if I wait 5 days to do that you will STILL be doing new cool things by then. And I just have to document a few things before I what? forget things.
Lately, during mealtimes and diaper changes (times when you're physically restricted to places and require some conversation from us) you will list off almost EVERY animal/object that is currently on your mind.... but not just that. You'll list them off after you say Uncle Roger Aunt Kelly. You want us to put this endless stream of animals in a verse of The Wheels on the Bus, with Uncle Roger and Aunt Kelly. It goes a little something like 'Uncle Roger Aunt Kelly biiig elephant rhinoc biiiiig truck whale dolphin peeeacock????' So, I try my very best to make that a verse of your fave song. It's tiring and challenging. But oh so cute.
What's more cute is when I throw out a way awesome word to add in, and you stop and your jaw drops and you go 'OoooooK!' Like this: 'How about Uncle Roger Aunt Kelly and the... BIG! RED! CAT!' And you are absolutely floored at my combining of awesome words.
Every morning that you wake, I ask you what you dreamed about. Maybe someday you'll say something other than a passionate BLUE AAAIRPLANE!, but I don't think it'll be anytime soon.
You're still using the manners-card to get what you want. When you want to see some vimeos (videos of yourself on the computer), you'll say 'up on mommy' (sit on my lap).. and if I say no or wait or whatever, you'll lock eyes with me and go 'puuuhlllleeeeease!!!' A perfect please. PERFECT. How can I say no??? But I do. But not all the time.
I finally figured out a no-fail way to get you to come to the table to eat your meals (knocks on wood that this doesn't fail me today because I dared to talk about it)... which was always a bit of a struggle because you could never be interrupted to eat. Nowadays, when I go sit down to eat you always follow and want to get up in your chair to eat and join me. I love this. You then take inventory and point to my food and say 'mommy food!!', then point to your own and say 'Andrew food!'.. and if you father is home, you do the same to his food. And when I am done, you wave and say 'bye mommy food!'... 
Yesterday you asked to go to Cabelas...  (your way of asking was to look at me and go 'Cabelas? Elephants? Rhinoc? - as yes my child, it is one big dead zoo) So we went because we had not much else to do. As we drove towards it and started to pass it on the right, you saw a smidge of the building and said 'Caaaaaa...'  then when you saw the remainder of the sign you went 'BELAS!!!!' 
More to come in 5 days!

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  1. How is he reading at 23 mons old?!
    Knowing to say "Ca" first, and then "Belas"
    with the rest of the sign?!
    Crazy smartness.